Charter Cities

At the meeting yesterday, we were asked about some of the material that inspired our ideas. One of the ideas that a lot of people said needed more explanation was our charter city, Turing.

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Patent Reform

The Future Party has had extended internal discussion about the need for patent reform and what such reform would entail. Below is a summary of our beliefs regarding patents at the moment, which focuses on software patents, a highly contentious form of patent.

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Video: Meet the Leader

The Future Party is a new movement of people who are dedicated to thinking of long term solutions to advance our society. The Future Party believes quality of life is improved primarily through technological developments, sourced through a scientific approach to knowledge in the context of democracy and peace. We see innovation, education and economic reforms as key to the success of Australia.

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‘Turing’: A new charter city for Australia


The Future Party plans to create a new charter city in Australia called ‘Turing’. This city will:

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The Future Party launches

The Future Party has released its website and is looking for people to become members. The Future Party needs 500 members to join the party by  Monday 13 May 2013 so that it can run as a party in the September 2013 elections. If you have read our policies and would like to join us, then please visit the membership form page and sign up today.